About the Journey of My Inner Work

My early connections to inner work were through my parents and a Romani woman called Josephine Stockdale. My father was deeply interested in mystical Christianity and sacred architecture so I spent a huge part of my childhood visiting great cathedrals, stone circles, temples and monasteries (one of my uncles was an abbot, another was a Muslim holy man, and my great aunt was an Ursuline Mother Superior where did they go wrong with me??). My mother was very much of the line of The Virgin Warriors and she had the strong “sight” as did her mother before her. My mother taught me about nature, horses birds, faeries, cards, battle and seeing. My father taught me about the stillness of the flame and the power of ceremony.

My own sight became very strong and unmanageable in my teens, which was very disturbing. I had access to powers with no understanding or maturity to back them up. It was a very difficult and dangerous time for me and I spent a lot of time hiding in the cave of the Dark Goddess, hoping the universe would just go away. During this time, a consecrated object came into my possession through strange circumstances and it served as a guardian and guide for me. It had belonged to an original Golden Dawn temple (the Temple of Horus #5), a place with which I had close connections. It taught me a great deal about consecrated objects, how they work and how they come into being.

In my late teens, I met Josephine Stockdale, a woman who truly set me on my spiritual path. She was not a teacher; rather she was a member of the Romani community who decided I needed taking in hand. She was a wild eccentric with a love of Ancient

Egyptian magic and she taught me how to use my sight more productively, how to block it out when I needed to, how to tune in the directions, how to create a talisman using the contacts of the Four Temples and how to stay clean and tuned. At this point I started to keep a diary of my work.

In my late twenties, I was busy with my children, my dance career, and of course such a simple life has to be disturbed. I met a man who was, in a few years, to become my husband. He was a writer and musician who focused on Underworld work. He made his income teaching esoteric subjects, and he set about showing me how to turn my abilities into something that other people could benefit from. I was, at this point in my life, able to access any inner world place, find contacts, and work between the worlds. I just could not articulate it in a way that was useful for anyone but me. He showed me teaching methods, coaxed me out of my shell (I was terrified to speak in front of people, I had a very broad accent, so I would tell him about things and he would speak for me along with teaching his own stuff) and helped me gain the confidence to be able to work with the inner work in a more public arena, since I had been raised to think of such work as private and secret.

In turn, I taught him what I knew, and introduced him to the places, people and deities I worked with in the inner worlds. Some of these places he knew about in theory but had never worked with them; some he already knew and had worked with extensively; and some were completely unknown to him. So we put two halves together and came up with more than a whole. That was the birth of the Inner Temples work that was to become the foundation work for the rest of my life (so far!). I showed him the depth of power of the Four Temples and he showed me the visions of the Underworld and faery realm.

In spring 1993 the first Priest and Priestess consecration took place in Bath. This line of work was something that he had begun to develop in 1992 on his own. I was an observer at this consecration; and he used the Kabalistic mass as taught to him by his teacher. I realized then that the current form of this work was not something that I could work with, as I had to work through my own natural flow and not through a kabalistic form that I had not grown up with, nor at that time, could understand. I started to do a lot of ‘pushing of boundaries’ in the inner realms, searching for common ground in visions, and keeping close diary records of my discoveries and ventures.

We put our heads together and, seeing as he had a background understanding of the concept of the Four Temples (he had read about it many times in various forms), and that was the format I worked through, we decided that using the Four Temples format was a way that we could move forward and I could work together as equals. We found many things in common at that point—for example, the concept of an Inner Convocation and an Inner Library. We had different versions, but the concepts and inner realities were the same. I showed him the secrets of the Inner Chapel, the visions of death, the creation of consecrated objects, making talismans, the raw elements deep within the Four Temples and the angelic structures of thresholds and substance. The first consecration of priests and priestesses using the Four Temples structure, the balance of Male/Female mediators, and two inner contacts happened in the USA, in New York in 1994.

The Priest and Priestess work (for those of you who are totally confused at this stage), was a development of work whereby students trained to become mediators of power regardless of their spiritual beliefs. They learned a series of skills and tools that would help them on their own path. It involved learning visions and ceremonies that have been used by esoteric workers for hundreds if not thousands of years. The idea was that you could be a Christian mystic, a Pagan, a Jew, a magician, anything, and you would learn skills that benefited you. You became a priest or priestess of anything and everything. I had my inner contacts and he had his, and between them both we worked hard to link people to these lines of consciousness.

In 1993 I met a wondrous friend in the inner worlds who was to stay with me for many years as a teacher and guide. While wandering around the Library in vision one day, I met a man who began to talk to me. He talked about my teaching, my health, my diet, and my work, and he began to show me how I could modify (particularly my cooking) my inner work. He set me off on great paths of discovery, particularly in relation to the Inner Temples and their powers. He was eventually identified as Ronald Heaver, one of the silent Adepts who had worked closely with Dion Fortune. At this time, I began writing novels and putting my inner work into the novels for people to find.

I spent the following 10 years (1993-2003) developing the Inner Temple work, working closely with Deities and inner contacts to develop work that people could do in their service to the Earth and all beings who dwell here. Which is what all of this is about. Inner work is of no value if it is not in service to someone other than yourself. It is of no service to yourself, the inner worlds or the Mother if the inner work becomes an empty exercise done just for the power, money or ego.

In 2000 I broke from my partner so that I could continue my work in the right way without restriction or commercialization.

In 2004 my inner work took a dramatic turn, as though a tide was rushing back in after being stretched out for a long time so buckle up! Some of it will filter on to this website, some will go into books and some will be taught at workshops.

After a break from teaching, which was necessary to separate and clarify my own work from the previous partnership, I am now teaching again around the USA. The workshops are low cost, low-key intense working weekends where priests and priestesses of various traditions come together and work hard!

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