Josephine Dunne

My early connections to inner work were through my parents and a Romani woman called Josephine Stockdale. My father’s family had long standing connections with the Theosophical Society, The Order of Light (Godwin St Temple), and The Minerva Lodge in Bradford which created a fertile magical environment to grow up in. My father was deeply interested in mystical Christianity and sacred architecture so I spent a huge part of my childhood visiting great cathedrals, stone circles, temples and monasteries (one of my uncles was an abbot, another was a Muslim holy man, and my great aunt was an Ursuline Mother Superior… where did they go wrong with me??).

My mother was very much of the line of The Virgin Warriors (and was the Head of the league of St Agnes, the virgin warrior) and she had the strong “sight” as did her mother before her. My mother taught me about nature, horses birds, faeries, cards, battle and seeing. My father taught me about the stillness of the flame and the power of ceremony.

My own sight became very strong and unmanageable in my teens, which was very disturbing. I had access to powers with no understanding or maturity to back them up. It was a very difficult and dangerous time for me and I spent a lot of time hiding in the cave of the Dark Goddess, hoping the universe would just go away. During this time, a consecrated object came into my possession through strange circumstances and it served as a guardian and guide for me. It had belonged to an original Golden Dawn temple (the Temple of Horus #5), a place with which I had close connections. It taught me a great deal about consecrated objects, how they work and how they come into being.

In my late teens, I met Josephine Stockdale, a woman who truly set me on my spiritual path. She was not a teacher; rather she was a member of the Romani community who decided I needed taking in hand. She was a wild eccentric with a love of Ancient Egyptian magic.

In 1993 I began working in a more public arena, developing esoteric visionary work and presenting it to an international audience. In 1997 I emigrated with my family to the USA and began to write down my visions and experiences, using stories as a vehicle for the work. My first novel, AZAL: The Retelling of Eve, was published by Mercury Publishing in 1999. That was followed by The Thirteenth Manifestation: the rebirth of Kali, and Stories from the Strange Side, both published by Samas Publishing 2000.

Present day: I continue to develop the visionary work that I teach in workshops throughout the USA along with writing and presenting free text through the web page for people to use in their own spiritual / magical quests. I am committed to ensuring that the line of inner work that I mediate stays accessible to people to work with, both in a spiritual, ethical and a financial sense.

I also work in smaller, private groups, developing deeper esoteric work and passing on the initiatory consecration and teachings of the Inner Temple Traditions, which I consider to be my work for this life.

I am now resident in the USA, living in western Montana with my two daughters, numerous cats who are addicted to the nature channel on TV, and a variety of birds and creatures who allow me tend to their needs.

Cassie Stewart

Cassie Stewart (7th Aug 1983) was born in Bradford West Yorkshire, UK. She was educated at The Malmesbury School in England and at Nevada Union High School in California.

Her paintings have attracted much attention and she was awarded the Brooks Memorial Prize for Art and Design in the UK 1994. She attended an award ceremony at the Houses of Parliament, London, where Government Minister Sir Peter Brooks presented her with the award.

In 1997 she was awarded a grant by Marin Arts Council to further her skills under the tutelage of Persian Artist Mina Bauer. In 1999 she attended the prestigious California Summer School for the Arts. She was awarded a congressional medal of recognition for excellence in the Arts and was honored by the City of Grass Valley CA for her achievements.
In the Summer of 2000, she was presented to the California State Governor, Gray Davis, in a ceremony to honor California's Art scholars.

Her paintings appear on the covers of 3 books published by Mercury Publishing USA and her paintings have been sold internationally.

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