Hi, these days I write under the name Josephine McCarthy (Magical Knowledge series, Magic of the North Gate etc) and my current work can be viewed at http://www.theinnerlibrary.org/.

At the time I created my first website (1999-2000) I worked under the name Josephine Stewart; my surname reverted back to my maiden name of Dunne when I got divorced.

This original website (archived - HERE) was living at the address innerconvocation.com in 2000 and when I left California and moved across country that domain address was taken up by my ex husband. When I decided to put my site up again, it was improved and updated, and moved it to innerconvocation.org. My ex husband subsequently bought up most of the other possible web addresses containing the words "inner convocation"

He eventually also gained innerconvocation.org.

Recently I found this current address, innerconvocation.co which has enabled me to restore this site once more. Sadly, even after 14 years the difficult situation continues and the details can be viewed at http://emettruth.weebly.com/

This website is an interesting archive view of the work I had undertaken, some alone, and some along with my then partner, during the 1990ís. It offers my current readers a view into the past, to see the roots of my work that have developed into the books I now publish today. This site mainly contains visions that can be used by visionary magicians, and although I have moved on and developed since that time, the work presented through this website still has valid use to magicians working and experimenting in occult vision work today. Hopefully my writing has also improved!

Best wishes,

Josephine McCarthy



After a long hiatus, this site is back online and will be updated with new material on an ongoing basis.

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