The Book: The Story of Your Many Lives

Light a candle flame and be aware of the flame within, burning bright. As you watch the flame, so it grows bigger until it is a doorway of fire before you. Slowly, you step towards the fire and stand before the doorway.

Something urges you to step forward, passing through the fire.

You emerge in a large building that is filled with books of all kinds. Shelves reaching up so far that you cannot see the tops are crammed with books, scrolls, tablets and many other forms of information storage. A person in a cloak and a deep hood steps forward and grasps you by the arm. They lead you off to a particular bookshelf and take out a book. It is large, old and heavy.

The book is placed on a table and the hooded person leaves you alone to look at the book. As you open the pages, it becomes hard to see what is written. The closer you look, the harder it is to see what is in the book. A voice tells you to close your eyes and use your hands.

Slowly, you run your hands over the pages and your sense of touch searches out power. You know what is in the book, but it is hard for your brain to understand what exactly it is that you are feeling. Instinctively, you pick up the book and hold it to your breast.

The book feels like a living being held close to you and as you breathe, the book passes into you, vanishing into your inner flame. The content of the book flows through you and you feel its learning reaching every part of your body. You recognize the feelings, and realize that this book is also your book—the story of your many lives. All that you have ever learned, experienced and felt through eons of time surfaces and makes itself available to you.

The hooded person returns and holds you by the elbow. They tell you that as you leave the vision, some of what you have experienced will fall to the back of your consciousness. But by working, you will be able to recover most of it. Skills that you have learned throughout time, will present themselves when needed. They are no longer locked away and hidden from you.

The priest or priestess guides you back to a doorway. Before the doorway is a large book that has been opened. You are asked to write your name in the book, and told that every time you come here, you must write your name again.

Holding the pen, you look down. There are many names in different scrawls written on the pages. Some of the names you recognize as people that you know. You also see your own name there already—you have been here before.

The doorway opens and you must walk through it now. Leaving the library, step through the door and you will emerge through the candle flame, back into the room where you first started.

When you are ready, blow out the candle and sit quietly for a moment. You will still feel the book deep within you, working away, awakening you.

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