Working as an Inner Contact - Vision of the Call of Death

Assisting in Death
The work of a priest or priestess is one of service. It is to mediate power unconditionally throughout the worlds when it is needed. It is a work of holding up a light for others to see, even when your arm is killing you and you want to pee. It is also a work of guarding and protecting and holding a balance for things. A priest or priestess will mediate Divine power unconditionally to flow to the outside world to do whatever it needs to do; they will not get involved in the outer manifestation of the power. But if they are charged with the protection of a power, they will be the fiercest opponents one could ever face.

There are many different ways that you can be called to help as a priest or priestess. It can be a whole compendium of situations in the world. Or, you can be called to be an inner contact. This involves working usually from the four temples and being an inner contact in the outside world. This can mean appearing and working during a ritual that is happening in the outside world anywhere at any time.

It certainly makes us think about who it is we are working with when we do inner visions and what really happens during a ceremony or ritual.

There are some ceremonies and rituals that are just exteriorized forms; they have no inner content, no inner contact. They are almost like play-acting and many people work at this level; it makes them comfortable.
I was once teaching in London and a woman came up after the first day of a two-day workshop and announced to me that she was not coming back because it was too real. She joined a magical group because she wanted to make friends and do something funky. But this work was too much for her and things were actually happening.

My then-husband and I just looked at each other in astonishment!

In the Traditional Magic section, I have placed a death vision that can be used with people who are dying or who have recently died. There are many powers that work with us at death and one of those powers is structured from the Inner Temple of the East. The following vision is one where you get to observe and assist in a death situation from an inner point of view. In this vision you become an inner contact.


Vision of the Call of Death

Light a candle and close your eyes. With your inner vision you step through the candle flame to find yourself in the Inner Convocation of Priests and Priestesses. You circle around the flame, meditating on the directions until you hear a recitation, a prayer that filters through the convocation. The priests and priestesses stop to listen. You instinctively step forward to act in response to the prayer and you find yourself on the threshold of the East. An angel stands in front of you and reaches out to touch you on the forehead. As soon as they touch your forehead, you fall forward into the angel. The angel allows you to fall through him and you find yourself falling through the stars with the angel following you.

You fall and fall until you see the planet below you. You fall towards a landmass, a country, a town, a street, a house. You pass through the roof of a house and find yourself in a room where someone is dying on a bed. Someone is sitting with the dying person and in the corner is a man praying and reciting from a holy book. The prayers and recitations appear as many beautiful forms of energy that have triggered the angel to attend and you were called by the angel as in inner contact to work with them. The man reciting in the corner is not aware that you are there.

The angel touches you on the shoulder and you begin to see in a different way. As you look at the dying person, you start to see in them a beautiful web pattern that is damaged in areas. In the center of the web, by the person’s abdomen, is an orb of light that is glowing dimly. You wonder of it is possible to heal the person. The angel tells you to go forward and touch the person.

You sit by the edge of the bed and you hold the hand of the person who is dying. As you touch them you can feel that the body can no longer hold on to life and that it is time for this spirit to move on. You instinctively reach towards the central orb and pick it up. It breaks the connection with the web and the person breathes their last breath. The angelic being reaches over and assists the spirit to begin to separate from the body.

You are told to place the orb where it belongs. You go outside and dig a hole, placing the orb inside the hole. Immediately the orb begins to break up and melt into the earth to be regenerated.

You return to the room and watch as the spirit slowly begins to separate from the body, letting go— one by one—of the threads that connect it to the body. The spirit listens to the recitation and watches the words as they form into patterns. The patterns tell the spirit which way to go, how to move forward to begin the death journey and what to expect.

A door appears before the spirit and as the door swings open, you feel the power of the void flow into the room. The void calls to the spirit and the spirit moves towards the door, drawn by the power and beauty of the void. Once the spirit has passed through the door and is ready to begin its journey, the door closes. You instinctively go towards the door but the angel holds you back. To step through this door would mean instant death.

The angel shows you a wall of fire and you step towards the fire. As you pass into the flames, you feel the fire rebalancing you. You pass through the flames and emerge in the room where you first started. You look at the flame for a second before gently blowing it out.

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