Vision of the Goddess in the Cave

Light a candle and sit quietly for a moment, allowing your awareness of the directions around you to come into focus. Once you are still, you look at the flame with your inner vision. Under the flame, an entrance appears and the flame falls down into the underworld and you follow. The flame falls down a stair well and you follow, climbing down the stone stairs that turn around and around the directions. As you go deeper down, the sounds and lights of the surface world fall away and you find yourself descending silently though the darkness.

Eventually you come to a veil covering a doorway with a light burning over it. On the veil are hung many trinkets and gold offerings. You carefully lift the veil to one side and enter a small round cave with a pool of water to one side. Around the pool are many creatures sleeping; the walls have roots protruding, upon which perch sleeping birds. You tiptoe silently around the sleeping animals until you come to a large crack in the cave wall.

An old woman emerges from the crack and walks towards you. Her hair is long and tangled and you see creatures and insects living in her hair. Her robe is old and tattered, and little faces peek out at you from the pockets and folds. Her skin seems like bark and her eyes are clear and strong like the eyes of an eagle. She beckons for you to come forward and she holds out her hand to you. You take her hand and you commune together.

When you have finished, reach into your pocket and whatever is in your hand, give it to her without question. If it is a real physical object that you own, like a trinket or gem, cast it into the nearest river when you get chance. If it is something that you hold great value to, all the more reason to cast it into the river or sea if she has accepted it as a gift from you. She teaches us to let go of things that no longer belong with us.

The Goddess may give you a gift back, and once you have finished take a dip in the pool and wash yourself clean before returning to the outside world. Her pool holds immense power for cleansing and healing. When it is time to go, you return up the stone stairs, climbing higher and higher towards the flame that you see burning above you.

You emerge in the flame, bathing in its power and strength. You feel the power of the inner fire burn through you as you step out of the flame and return to your body. Give thanks for the life that you have and for the Goddess who birthed you, then gently blow out the candle.

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