Working with Sacred Structures - Consecration of the Cathedral

For every church/temple/mosque/stone circle that has been built, there is an inner structure, an inner temple, which holds the power and keeps the connection with divinity. This was built using vision, ceremony and prayer while the physical building was been erected. When the physical building was demolished or fell down, the inner temple would often remain for centuries before it finally began to decay. If that inner structure is continuously used, regardless of the outer structure, then the inner temple will remain.

This is how we can still access into some of the ancient temples whose exterior no longer exists. In the modern day building of churches, I doubt very much that this method is still being used. I have gone into many modern churches and there is nothing there. I have also gone in to older structures; the inner temple, and inner orders are still there wondering why no one works with them any more.

The method of building an inner structure or temple is not a skill that can be learned from books. Like most of the deeper inner mysteries, it is something that is passed on through resonance. By being with someone who does it, or by doing it in one form, then you learn the basic modus operandi that works for all structures.

So for example, by practicing regularly with the vision of the Cathedral (below), you slowly begin to learn the feel of the work and that is what is most important. Deeper inner work is retrieved by its feel, not by the details. Just as a deeper memory is retrieved by a smell: a scent can throw you back many years more effectively than a trigger word could.

The vision of the Cathedral is using the inner powers of the Temple of the East to manifest itself through a Christian Mystery. The details of the religious outcome are irrelevant; it could be a mosque or a Greek Temple. It doesn’t matter. The knowledge and ability to open the power of the directional temple and work with the powers that flow through that mediation is what is important. The form it will take (Christian, Muslim, Pagan) is a surface detail that takes form as the power exteriorizes. It is the molding that is done as the power comes through.

This is where it gets interesting with religions all claiming that they are the true and only way. Bullshit. You could take something totally ridiculous like starting a church of the Sacred Barbie and you could, over time, make it work from an inner point of view. As long as you structure an inner window for that power to flow through, it will flow through. So even if Christianity for example, is built upon a reality of dogma, fantasy, myth and gossip, it will still work because they firstly took sacred sites that were already working and dumped churches on them. Then they created an inner pattern of working and an outer pattern of power expression (ritual/ceremony). This pattern repeated constantly for a long period of time created a powerful window through which Divine Power could manifest and the inner worlds could flow through. It’s like universal engramming (engram-to program deep into the subconscious by constant repetition).

So use the vision of the Cathedral. Let it build up in your imagination and once you have moved past the rigidity of using someone else’s vision, you will find that you start to see things that are not in the vision, and you will also begin to get the feel and flavor of the powers and how they work. Note that in this vision, I am using powers and angelic consciousness of the East. But each variation still has the same rules; this is how you open the door, this is how you use a deity to mediate the power, this is how beings can work like building blocks.

So, as you will see, the vision gives you the feel of how it is done. It is interesting to note that if any of you go to the South of England, go to Wells Cathedral. When you stand in the west and look east, you will see how the architect has actually placed the power patterns of the Angelic Beings in the building. You can see their pattern right there in front of you. I stood there once, waiting from my daughters to finish looking at something, and I sort of glazed over. But when I came back into focus I saw them for the first time and was astounded. I had been there so many times and not noticed. How could I have been so blind? (and stupid!), but then, I seem to specialize in random acts of complete stupidity, so I guess it was to be expected.


Light a candle and meditate on the inner flame that burns deep within you at the edge of the void. As you look at the central flame it grows bigger and bigger until you are seated before a column of fire. You are drawn to step into the fire and find yourself within the convocation of Priests and Priestesses. You walk around the central flame until all the Priests and Priestesses stop before the threshold of the East.

A horn sounds, and a cry issues out from the flame. The cry is something you recognize deep in the recesses of your memory. All the assembled company step forward and pass over the threshold of the East. You follow.

Stepping over the threshold you find yourself stood before a beautiful Cathedral that is still under construction. It is all but finished, and detailed carving is being added to the outside of the building. The Priests and Priestesses stream into the building and you follow.

Inside, it is filled with Priests and Priestesses who are weaving threads and connecting them from one end of the building to another. They are pulling threads from a central point and weaving an inner matrix for power to pass through. Once it is completed you are urged to go and kneel before the Altar. You can feel that the Altar is not yet consecrated or tuned to any specific power. Many of the Priests and Priestesses kneel with you and tell you to turn inward, to meditate on the central flame.

You pass into stillness and stay in a place of silence and peace. A power builds up all around you and within you. An urgency passes through your mind and you can feel the need to do something, but you are not sure what.

You begin to cough as air forces its way out of your lungs. The force becomes too much and you tip your head back to allow a sound to release from your body. You cry a cry that comes from every cell in your body. It is the cry of hopelessness, despair and imbalance; the human separated from the rest of existence.

A call and a movement answer the cry. The east wall of the Cathedral falls away and is replaced by light. As you adjust to the light, you realize the light is coming from a woman who stands on the threshold of the East. At her head are the stars and at her feet is the moon. She stretches out her arms, and her robe falls open. The opened robe reveals the void within her, a place from which all light, all being, and all compassion steams.

Out of the light step two large Angelic beings that stand opposite each other. They stretch out their wings to touch, reaching beyond the ceiling of the Cathedral. They reach out and touch hands, crossing their arms at the wrist and they both move one foot forward until their toes are touching. They create a double helix pattern with their bodies, which upholds the building and enlivens the web pattern.

Once the angels are in place, another being steps out of the East. You see the outline of a human shape, but the inner fire of this being is so bright that you cannot see any detail. The human comes up to you and touches you on the forehead. A light of immense intensity flows through you and you feel that you might die in a state of joy. As your body adjusts to the light, you feel awakened and at peace.

The human then goes to the Altar and lies upon the cold stone. Their body sinks into the Altar, becoming one with the stone: becoming the Corpus Christi. You rise to your feet and go to stand before the Altar with your hands resting lightly on the stone. You feel the stone beneath you breathe and the power of peace and stillness flows from the stone into you.

One of the Priests or Priestesses touches you lightly on the shoulder and tells you that it is time to leave. As you turn to go, you realize that many priests are praying in the Cathedral: priests of the time and place of the Cathedral. You move quietly towards the west door and pass through a threshold of fire.

The fire passes through you as you cross the threshold and you feel the power of the guardian as you step from one world to another. You emerge back in the room where you first started. When you are ready, you open your eyes and meditate on the candle flame for a moment before blowing it out.

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