Vision of Crossing the Abyss

Be still and light a candle. As you become silent, so you begin to lose awareness of the room in which you are seated. The external noises fade, your mind settles and your breathing becomes relaxed and natural. Using your inner vision, you look at the candle flame before you. The room in which you are seated falls away and you find yourself looking through the flame to a landscape beyond.

Instinctively you reach through the flame and pass into the landscape—a place of sand, earth and wind. The wind whips around you and the sand gets into your eyes. For a moment you are blinded and yet you become aware of someone walking alongside you.

As your eyes clear, you see a human type being, neither male nor female, walking alongside you, and yet their feet are down in the earth, so their legs are visible from the calf up. They walk through the earth as though it was not there. Their hair is long and trails along the ground behind them, swishing away their footprints. No mark is left of their passing.

The being reaches out to touch you, and as their hand contacts your skin, a force flows through you with such strength that you fear you may fall. You become aware of the landscape in a different way. Life reflects from everything around you. The stones, the grains of sand, the plants, the wind, all are lit with the light of Divinity—all life is visible to you.

Looking around you see people come and go; they are unaware of you as you observe them. The perfection of power manifest in substance is evident in every person you look upon, and as you look to your own hands, you see divinity within your own flesh.

The angel withdraws its hand from you and you find yourself reaching out after them as they vanish into the sand.

In despair you lay down, trying to reach deep into the earth. As you struggle to make contact again with the angel, the moon shines upon your face, causing you to look up. The moonlight seems to have arms of light that reach out to touch you. They flow through you, and your body begins to react.

Every person born into your family flows through your blood and you become acutely aware of each and every one of them as they stretch back through time. All of the knowledge, mistakes, immunities, skills and traits become accessible to you as your ancestral line surfaces into your mind.

Your own creative ability is freed, and a form of expression for your soul opens up and triggers your emotions. You begin to weep from the beauty and wisdom that you feel passed on to you from those of your blood who have gone before you. The angel of the Moon withdraws its reach of power and the ancestral lines retreat back into the depths of your blood.

The dawn breaks slowly as you lay thinking about what you have just experienced. The sun creeps up over the horizon, and as you watch the sun you notice flames seem to fly out from the brightness and travel towards you. At first you think it is a trick of light until one of the flames gets closer and closer. You see it is a wheel of light with flames shooting out in each direction.

The wheels of fire hurtle towards you and before you can hide yourself, the flames hit you and pass into you. In that instant you are thrown onto your back and pinned so that you cannot move. You cannot close your eyes; you cannot speak or make a noise.

In the blink of an eye, all of creation is paraded before you. All time, the stars, the planet, the many waves of humanity, the deities, civilizations, balances of power, worlds coming and going, all flow before you at a speed unimaginable. The birth and death of the universe is all one. All time, all space, all creation happens in an instant and you see it clearly. Divinity manifesting out of the void, moving away from nothing into everything and then dissipating back again to nothing, it happens quicker than you can blink.

The flames withdraw back to the Sun and you follow, reaching out into the sky and away from the earth. As you reach the stars you find yourself on the edge of an abyss. Behind you is everything and before you is nothing. The abyss vanishes down into nothing, like a huge tear in the universe. You stand with your toes on the edge and you whole body is contracted against a fear that you cannot rationalize. The power of this place is unimaginable and the sense of change that this place brings frightens you.

You know you must cross this abyss. What is beyond is something you cannot understand, and yet you know you must go there. But there seems to be no way across.
Without thinking, you step out and as you walk through nothing, everything around and behind you changes. You feel your body changing and the world in which you live shift and change.

You walk through nothing until your concept of walking vanishes and you find yourself in a still place. There is nothing that defines you as an individual. You are all things and yet you are nothing. Silence and peace is everything. You are like a never-ending ocean, flowing through everything and yet there is nothing. In this stillness, there is awareness that you have always been here; this is where you belong, this is where you came from. This is your home.

Something makes you turn around. Looking out over the abyss, back to life, you see all worlds, all times, all lives playing out at once. You see the emotions controlling everything and the power of life used and abused. The light of life is dull and the noise, motion and time create an image of utter chaos. What is needed is stillness and light.

Without a second thought, you step back over the abyss, knowing that this is your service; this is what you manifested for. You cross the abyss, carrying the light and stillness of the void with you. Stepping back you find yourself in your life, in your home, or office, or in a city. Noise, friction, chaos is all around you as you see yourself in your everyday life. Carefully, allow the stillness and light within you to spread beyond you to those around you.

The stillness stays with you as you remember being seated before a candle flame. Your focus returns to the candle and you see the Divinity and stillness flow through the flame. Carefully, you blow out the candle, allowing your breath to mingle with the fire and the flame passes from this world to a deeper one.

Remain seated and quiet for a while and allow the stillness to deepen within you before you rise.

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