Vision of Edom

This vision is based upon the City of Petra, which was inhabited by the Edomites, descendants of Esau, son of Isaac.

Light a candle flame and close your eyes. Be aware of the flame within you, feel the peace and serenity flow through you as you settle into silence.

As you look at the candle flame with your inner vision, be aware that the flame grows into a fire and the room in which you are seated falls away. You find yourself sat outside on grass.

A strange noise comes from the sky above and as you look up, you see a giant bird swooping down towards you. The bird lands near you and encourages you to climb upon his back.

The bird flies up into the sky and you cling on to the feathers on his back as he climbs higher and higher into the sky. The bird flies at great speed and as you look down, you see that you are passing over the great ocean as you head east over the Atlantic.

While flying, you notice that you are also passing backwards through time. AS the bird flies over the European landmass you see civilizations rise and fall. The bird flies lower over the Mediterranean Sea and you watch boats appear and vanish as you pass backwards through time.

The Bird begins to circle over land, falling lower and lower towards the earth as he circles. You watch as the hills and valleys get closer and still you are passing back through time.

On landing, you jump off of the birds back and offer him a gift. Reach into yourself and pull out something sweet from your childhood memories, offer it to the bird and step back. A single feather falls from his back as a gift for you.

Before you is a large craggy hill that is cleaved down the middle creating a narrow passageway through the hillside. A priest emerges from the passage and asks you to follow him. You realize that there are more people with you who have traveled from all the corners of space and time. Together you follow him down through the passageway.

AS you walk through the passageway you look up the steep cliff sides that almost obscure the sun. You can hear the tapping of tools and distant voices. You emerge from the passageway into a clearing with a tall stone cliff before you. Many men are working on the cliff face to create an impressive façade. The priest guides you around the workers and through a small doorway that is covered by a heavy cloth.

You emerge on a ledge at the entrance to a large city that is in the early stages of construction. Looking around, you see many temples, houses, baths and other buildings in various stages of construction. In the center of the city is a strange looking compound that houses a decaying step pyramid.

The priest guides you down through the city and to the threshold of the old temple compound. The priest tells you that he cannot go any further; that the compound is the territory of the 'old ones' and that he cannot go any further. He tells you to enter the compound and climb the pyramid.

Stepping over the threshold into the compound, you notice that everything sounds different. The building sounds of the city do not penetrate the air of the compound and everything is quiet. You stand a while in the silence and stillness, gradually becoming aware that the compound and its contents are partially in another time. An overwhelming urge to climb the steps of the old pyramid flows over you and you begin to climb slowly.

With each step you take, a brief vision flashes before you of a previous time when the pyramid was in use. Sights and sounds of ceremonies, gatherings, conversations flash before you as you climb to the top.

Part way up the pyramid, you put your foot on the next step but your foot seems to vanish into nothing. You retract your foot and try to touch the step. Your hand falls into nothing. Something deep within you urges you to walk forward as though through the steps. Moving forward, you pass through the image of the steps and find yourself walking through a dark stone tunnel cut deep into the pyramid.

A small flame urges you forward until you reach a strange looking door. Reaching out to touch the door, your hand again passes through the image into nothing. Stepping forward, you pass through the doorway. Power swirls all around you as you pass though the image. The doorway is a threshold guardian: a being of fire who guards the inner sanctum. The flames lick around you, probing into every part of your thoughts to see if you are worthy to pass through.

As you pass through the flames withdraw and you find yourself in a small octagonal room with a fire bowl in the center. The fire bowl is empty and surrounding the fire bowl is a group of Priests and Priestesses. An old priestess steps forward to greet you. She tells you that before you can commune with the assembled company you must pass the test of the inner sanctuary. You must light the fire bowl in the center using only your inner flame.

Closing your eyes, you reach deep inside to the inner flame at the edge of the void. You pass into a state of stillness and peace. Your flame burns brightly at the edge of the void within you. Reaching inside, you cup your hand around your inner flame and allow a fragment of the flame to settle in the palm of your hand.

Pulling your hand out, you hold up the tiny flame to light the room. Lowering the flame into the fire bowl, the fire bowl lightens with fire and the room illuminates. Looking around you see many priests and priestesses stood in all the directions. The old priestess reaches out and holds your hands. Her energies feel very strange to you and she picks up on your thoughts. She smiles and speaks to you:

We are the last of our world, the remnants of what has passed into the void. We are waiting for you and people like you, the seed carriers. Please take our wisdom and our secrets, and carry them forward into the future. The people who have come into this land and built their cities are deaf and blind to our ways. But these treasures must not die. They must be carried forward to the edge of time and seeded out to the future waves of humanity. Are you willing to carry these treasures out to the future to pass on to whom ever is able to access them?

The priestess waits for your answer. If you answer yes, four people step forward from the four directions. If you answer no you are guided back out of the room to wait at the steps of the pyramid.

The four people who step forward ask you to approach them one at a time. The first person lays their hand on your shoulders. An immense power of fire flows through you, reaching ever cell in your body. With your inner senses, you see volcanoes, fire upon water, fire within cells and finally electricity. Your home and the electricity running thorough it appears in your mind. The electricity shows itself as a conscious being flowing constantly through your home and you become aware of how you could work with this being in a more harmonious way. The knowledge of the power of fire enters your consciousness and you feel the wisdom reach ever part of your body.

The second person touches you on the chest and your Thymus gland, seated in the deep center of your chest, responds. The firepower flows into the gland and energizes your immune system. You feel its action flow into you and its power building up in your hands. It is at that point that you realize this is the power of healing. The power flows out of your hands and into the person stood before you. Awareness builds of your connectedness with the land and how the power flows from being to rock to air to water and back in a continuous flow of sacred life.

The third person touches you upon the lips and immediately you draw in breath. You find yourself at the edge of the void looking out over the universe. The planets and stars are all around you. Air builds up within you until you feel as though you are going to burst. When you can take the pressure no more, you breath out.

Many beings pass through you and out on your breath. They fall to the planets and you fall with them. As they fall closer and closer to the planet they take on recognizable forms. Some are animals, some are trees, insects, plants, humans of many different types; some are part human and part animal. You fall with them to the land.

On touching the surface of the planet, the beings spread out in all directions and you find yourself in a forest among the trees and the animals. Many of the animals are also part faerie part human. They commune with you and you feel their wisdom and light.

A strange noise carries upon the air and the beings start to change. The animals and faeries separate from the humans and the humans are cast out of the forest to live in isolation. You watch as the humans walk into darkness: they find themselves walking through a desert. You can hear the cries and feel the tears of the animals and faeries as they weep for the humans. Something nudges you and you find yourself back in the temple room.

The forth person touches you on your abdomen. Something passes into you from their hand and begins to sting your eyes. Your eyes water from the pain and you rub them hard. When you try to open them you blink in the flame light and begin to see strange things. Everything seems to be connected by patterns or threads. You see the building around you, not as stone and wood, but as fire and air. Beyond the fire and air are the stars, which have threads reaching down to the planet surface. Each person is connected by the threads, which seem to weave into a complicated but beautiful web pattern. Looking down at your own body, you see it as made up of a combination of elements rather than flesh. Everything around you appears in its true from and you marvel at its beauty.

The old priestess asks you to take these secrets out into the world and allow them to flow from you naturally in your everyday life. You do not need to teach them or activate them, they will sit within you and will pass on to whom ever is needful at the right time.

With that she reaches into the fire bowl and picks up the fire with her hands. She throws the fire at you and the flames consume you. Cleansing you, the fire surrounds you and you feel it as a powerful being who is transporting you through time. The fire has many eyes that watch over you as you pass from one world to another.

Finally you emerge back in the room where you first started, passing though the candle flame. You remember yourself seated before the flame and when you are ready, you open your eyes.

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