Statement in Response to Online Allegations found at

This statement is in reply to the slanderous and rather childish statements made regarding myself and my involvement with inner work.

Everything that is stated on my website is true. I can prove it in a court of law if necessary, with diaries, published writings, handouts, emails, etc, all kept in archive by both myself and a number of other individuals. So if someone feels I have infringed on their copyright, they should take the normal legal route and not stoop to public attempts at humiliation and slander –which are in themselves libelous.

I would remind those who involved themselves in such a childish disgrace that in the years from 1992 to 2000 (8 years for those who can’t count) my former husband and I taught each other many things (which I acknowledge on my site), and that truly, no one, other that he and myself really knows what happened in that time (and a lot did). I have chosen to stay silent about many things, both magical and otherwise from that time out of respect for that relationship.

I am disappointed that so many so-called educated and spiritual people have chosen to behave publicly in such a way. At the end of the day, the work—its development, its accessibility and its spiritual depth—speaks for itself, and what a teacher does with that work also speaks for itself.

I have never claimed to have invented the Inner Temple work; that would be silly. It is thousands of years old and has been worked with by priesthoods for millennia. It wasn’t invented by me, it wasn’t invented by RJ Stewart either.

In actuality, the name Inner Temple or Inner Temples has been used by many groups and organizations for years, including a legal organization in the UK which has used it for centuries, and a spiritually oriented not-for-profit corporation in northern Montana.

Also, I was not teaching workshops, nor had I even attended a workshop when I first met Mr. Stewart. I came to my spiritual work through a different more private path. Despite insinuations to the contrary, I have never claimed otherwise.

At the end of the day, people have to understand that this attack was initiated by the victim of a messy divorce from a relationship which was a working partnership as well as a marriage. I do feel sympathy for a person who would launch such a campaign after 5 years, even though it is an attempt to stop my spiritual work in a public arena.

I would suggest that people actually read my website, then go back and read the accusations and then decide from there whether such an outright and public attack is justified. I would also suggest that they look at my work in depth, and then go back and read the publications I am supposed to have copied from. I would also suggest that they attend my workshops and decide for themselves who I am and what I do.

Bob Stewart taught me a lot. I taught him a lot. I respect what he taught me, and it saddens me that such respect is not mutual.

And to RJ Stewart….. Shame on you.

* * * *

Excerpt from, website of RJ Stewart, 1998

-From Biography page - the biography of Josephine Stewart, now known as Josephine Dunne, as written by RJ Stewart, and which bears his copyright at the bottom of the page:
"Prior to 1992, her inner work had been carried out mainly in isolation, only bringing it to a more public consciousness when she started to teach with her husband, R J Stewart.

She mainly concentrates on developing and bringing through the 'Inner temple traditions" work which she feels is her work for this life."

* email to RJ Stewart at on monday 20th june 2005 *

Dear Robert,
I have asked my webmaster to take down all mention of you what so ever from the website. Therefore there will be nothing there that would connect you to me or me to you. I do this in the interests of the people who are all being upset by this terrible situation.
The visions up on the website will stay. I have every right magically and legally to have those pieces of work up there. No amount of bullying, slander or threats, magical or otherwise will make me remove them. I leave them there to make them freely accessible to people for them to work with and develop for their own work. There is nothing wrong with this and it doesnt threaten your work in any way. 
I would request that you take down the website you have put up. It contains slanders, lies, libelous comments and  shows you in a unwholesome way that is doing more damage to you and your friends than it is doing to me.
It may be better for you to put your energy in to developing your work and your new partnership than spending all your energy attacking me.

This is the bio that caused all the problems.

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