The Chapel at the Edge of the Void

See the stillness of the flame before you. Using your inner vision, look at the candle flame and see it grow bigger. The flame enlarges to become a wall of fire that does not burn and that does not give out heat. Instead, it brings peace to the room.
You are drawn to the wall of fire. As you step closer, you see that the flames have many eyes that seem to invite you to walk into the fire. You feel no fear as you step to the edge of the flames, feeling the fire regenerate you. Every cell in your body responds and fills with light as the flames flow through you.

The deeper you step into the fire, the more you feel at home. Your awareness of your everyday life falls away as you move deeper into stillness. The eyes seem to see into every part of your soul: the eyes do not judge, they only observe.
Through the fire you see a doorway. The doors are large heavily carved wood with many strange symbols on them. One of the symbols seems familiar to you, and you reach out to touch the carving. As your hand touches the wood, the doors swing open and you pass through into the great library.

As you walk through the library, you hear the sound of chanting and prayer. It draws you and you search for the source of the sound. As you look around you see a set of large wooden doors that you had not noticed before. They are arched and hold beautiful metalwork set into the wood.

Carefully, you push the door open and step into a large old chapel that is fashioned out of a cave. At the far end is a large stone altar and beyond the Altar the chapel falls away into nothing. From the ceiling hang many brass and golden oil lamps that cast beautiful patterns around the stone walls. The chapel is full of Priests and Priestesses who are praying intently.
You are driven to walk towards the Altar. No one stops you as you pass through the chapel and around the Altar. You find yourself standing at the edge of the chapel where it vanishes into the void. Standing with your toes over the edge, you hold out your arms and fall forward into nothing.

In this place there is no time, no space, no movement. You float in nothing, feeling a deep peace and stillness. Nothing here matters, there is only Divine being in its purest form; stillness. Something calls to you, and something is put in your hand. You make a conscious effort to move forward and you find yourself stepping out of the void and back into the chapel. Whatever is in your hands, you place on the altar.
One of the Priests or Priestesses steps forward to you and places a hand upon your forehead. You feel a power flow through you and a mark being placed upon you. They tell you that they will work with you and guide you when you come here, but now you must go.

They walk with you back to the library and show you a large dish of fire. You look into the fire and you see images. Some of the images are of your life and you move closer to get a better look. As you move forward you trip and fall into the flames. But they do not burn you. Their flames cleanse you and you begin to feel at peace. The flame dances within you and you remember the candle flame from when you started the vision.

Immediately you are back sitting before the candle flame. You place your hand to your forehead and feel the mark that was placed there—the mark of the inner order. When you are ready, you open your eyes.

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